An abandoned space a second youth

A few steps away from the Palais train station, walking distance from the famous Palais des Princes Evêques and Place Saint-Lambert stands now a round and imposing zinc entrance.

The writing above those metal doors leaves you no doubt. It is now the Cadran, new event and cultural space in the very heart of the city. Both silver doors open to reveal an acces ramp long of about 20 meters, plunging under Liège’s grounds.

When the doors are closing behing you, outdoor daily life and traffic noises are getting smaller until they disappear completely. The jabber outside gives way to the ambiant music. You are now underground…

A soft and warm light is welcoming you. The temperatures flirts with 20°. The subtle aromas of fine cuisine tickles your sens of smell. That place playing with your senses is called the Cadran, an underground space of 2,700 m2, born from the rehabilitation of a long time abandoned tunnel.

The story of forgotten places, corridors abandoned underground spaces deserted in the heart of Liège.

The story of Cadran is closely tied to the history of Liège-Palais train station. The first station, from 1877, is a modest brick and wood construction. At the dawn of the XXth century, the initial building is replaced by a neo-gothic mansion, in harmony with the aisle of the palace, hosting the provincial government.

From the middle of the seventies, the St Lambert square and its surroundings undergo important modifications. The destructive craziness happening at that time doesn’t spare the neo-gothic station of the palace, and it disappears in 1979.

In the early eighties the station is turning to underground. To facilitate the pedestrian access, a long underground passage is created, linking the station to St Hubert street, 200 meters further.

Very soon, the pedestrian tunnel suffers insecurity and vandalism problems. Within a few years, it doesnt inspire trust, and is slowly abandoned, then condamned, to then become officially shut down in 2005. In 2008, the actual Cadran team is falling under the spell of that ancient station access, with such an atypical volume. A private investor joins the adventure and allows the rehabilitation of that deserted space. After 3 years of administrative enquiries and a very intense year of renovation work, Le Cadran is inaugurated on december 12, 2012…at 12h12.

The team About us

  • Bastien Braconnier

    Communication & Press

  • Julien Demarchin

    HORECA Manager

  • Samuel Hertay

    General manager


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