Materia with CARL COX, Marco Bailey, Jon Rundell & Dany Rodriguez

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La soirée "Palace Club" (2eme édition) Le Grand Entr' Acte 2 ' édition

This is good news! Le Cadran is proud to welcome Marco Bailey’s new concept Materia . And guess who’s the headliner of the Liège edition? CARL COX!

What is MATERIA?
A party where the want, need & desire to feel the love and vibrations on the dance floor is understood. Where music lovers can digest the passion in the percussion, the energy of the crowd coming together, experience the sensation of letting go – elements that constitute the foundation for what some may never get to fully experience… a pure musical journey. Embark on a global movement, as Belgium’s Marco Bailey sets the mood for one unforgettable evening. Welcome MATERIA – where techno is valued as a religion, the dance floor has no limits, the crowd is united and melted together by sound – where the rules require two things: listen and live.


« I want to present you all with MATERIA – a night that reflects our sound, a sound that creates a certain outstanding energy that penetrates the body & soul. For me, it is that special kind of energy we call TECHNO, a sound I have represented for over 15 years. MATERIA will be bringing music fans together worldwide, from Belgium to Spain to the United States to Japan – uniting us together as one » – Marco Bailey

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Le Cadran
Rue de Bruxelles
4000 Liège

Au programme

Carl Cox
Marco Bailey
Jon Rundel
Dany Rodriguez

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Rue de Bruxelles - 4000 Liège

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En prévente: 25€ - Sur place: 30€

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